My main objective in teaching, graduate student supervision, and mentoring is to accompany students in develop a critical and reflexive social work identity anchored in a solid understanding of our socio-historic and socio-political systems and contexts.


My educational approach is based on social principles and values:





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I use a collaborative learning and teaching approach in the classroom that, I hope, brings social work theories and social intervention to life.


By using intervention skills such as clarification, resonance, confrontation, and that of group intervention such as the constitution of the group as a whole, the enrichment of communication and the promotion of the development of a positive climate, I create a classroom environment that builds on students' existing knowledge, experiences and social identities to support and inspire students to push their learning boundaries, fostering the development of critical thinking.


My approach is based on the principle of praxis - that is, the interaction of theories, practice framework and critical thinking in creating transformative action. In praxis, we need to deliberate the appropriate and creative actions or methods in a particular situation.

Past Courses

Université de Montréal

Integrative stage seminar (Fall and Winter 2019-2020)

Mental Health Recovery Practice (Winter 2020)

Collaborative Practice in Mental Health (Fall 2019)

Sociopolitical aspects of Mental Health (Winter 2015, 2018)

Social Cohesion and Social Work (Winter 2014)

Mental Health Practice (Fall 2014)

McGill University

Critical Thought and Ethics (Winter 2020)

Introduction to Practice (Fall 2019)

Université de Sherbrooke

Mental Health Practice (Winter 2020)

Reflexive Social Work Practice (Fall and Winter 2018-2029

Strengths-based Mental Health Practice (Fall 2018)