Emmanuelle Khoury, MSW, PhD, PSW

 Researcher - Professor - Social worker 
"love, deep connection, positive relationships and care are necessary for justice, transformation and disruption"

My research explores social situations and contexts in order uncover social inequalities, power and resource differentials, and community solutions in order to transform social work practice.  It is underpinned by values of social justice and positive social change for society, particularly for those living in marginalized situations and facing complex social problems.  

As a critical feminist researcher, I actively seek to understand the knowledge-power nexus as a path to dismantling social inequality.


Social work is a profession and a discipline based on respect for the inherent dignity and worth of every person.  As a social work researcher and professor, Emmanuelle works with individuals and communities facing complex social problems to better understand how social work practice can innovate in order to enhance their well-being and strengthen their social ties. 

About Dr. Emmanuelle Khoury


Emmanuelle is Lebanese-Canadian, and spent her formative years in Montréal, Québec. Emmanuelle is the first woman in her family to receive a university degree. 

Her training began with a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree at McGill University in Montréal, Canada with a Major in Organizational Psychology and a Minor in Strategy. Emmanuelle then completed her Bachelor's in Social Work at McGill University and a Master’s degree in 2011 in the same field from Université de Montréal. She completed her doctoral degree at Université de Montréal in 2018. Her doctoral research was funded by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Société et Culture (FRQSC).  In 2019 she joined the Québec Research Chair Network in Youth Mental Health (global health and well-being) as a postdoctoral researcher. 


Emmanuelle is Assistant Professor of social work practice at Université de Montréal's School of Social Work.  


She is also an adjunct professor Université de Sherbrooke and a researcher with the InterActions Research Centre  and ERASME research team. Her research focuses on understanding how social work practice can continuously question itself to lead the way in social change.

Emmanuelle has been a member of the Quebec Association of Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists since 2004 and has primarily worked with people experiencing mental health problems and emotional distress. Emmanuelle has clinical experience working with children, young adults and adults, and their families living with mental health problems and psychosocial distress in hospital settings and in the community. Most notably she has completed clinical training at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute where she also worked for the majority of her career. Emmanuelle takes a strengths-based, anti-oppressive, and person-centred approach in her practice and her research.

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